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Jewelry care
1. To care for silver, use professional jewelry cosmetics: cleaning products, polishing wipes. There are means for both silver and gilding.
2. After cleaning, jewelry without stones should be thoroughly rinsed with running water, wiped dry and rubbed with a napkin.
3. Jewelry with stones should be cleaned so that the product does not get on the stone: the consequences of a chemical reaction can permanently spoil the natural stone!
4. Jewelry with stones after cleaning should be wiped with a wet cotton pad / wand to remove excess funds. At the same time, water should not get on the stones!
5. This is especially true for rings with light and transparent stones (rock crystal, rose quartz, etc.), it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to wet them! The darkening of silver, which will appear on the substrate from the water, will be visible through the transparent stone, it will seem clouded and this, unfortunately, cannot be corrected in any way.
6. Do not store silver and gilding together, this causes the metal to oxidize.
7. Do not carry jewelry in a bag/pocket without a protective bag/ box/ holder, etc.
8. Before putting the jewelry in the jewelry box, be sure to clean it.

Please treat your new jewelry carefully; avoid contact of jewelry with water, cosmetics (for example, cream, spray, hairspray, perfumes and other household chemicals; follow the rules of storage and care so that it pleases you longer!

Warranty, repair and terms of exchange of CURSOR jewelry.
1. The warranty for the repair of jewelry is 3 months from the date of purchase.
2. The warranty covers the repair of accessories (chains, locks, fasteners, rings, etc.), damaged stones cannot be replaced.
3. Loss or damage of jewelry due to improper care or storage is not a warranty case.
4. Jewelry repairs are carried out within up to 3 months. To send the decoration for repair, please contact us (hello@cursorjewelry.com ) and we will tell you what needs to be done.
5. Jewelry is non-refundable, but can be exchanged within 2 weeks upon presentation of the receipt. At the same time, the decoration must have a marketable appearance.
This document certifies that these jewelry is ethically made in accordance with the CONTRACTARIAN - INCM federal trade commission jewelry guidelines of Portugal