Guide to tbilisi vintage stores

Explore the vibrant world of vintage fashion in Tbilisi with our comprehensive guide to the city's best vintage stores. Step back in time and discover unique pieces that tell stories of the past while adding a touch of timeless style to your wardrobe.
  1. Retro Chic: Located in the heart of Tbilisi, Retro Chic is a must-visit destination for vintage enthusiasts. Browse through carefully curated collections of vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry, spanning different eras and styles. From classic elegance to bold statement pieces, you'll find something to suit your taste.
  2. Secondhand Treasures: As the name suggests, Secondhand Treasures is a hidden gem filled with hidden treasures. This cozy boutique offers a wide selection of pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices. Unearth unique finds and embrace sustainable fashion with their curated vintage collection.
  3. Vintage Couture: For those seeking high-end vintage fashion, Vintage Couture is the place to go. Explore their exquisite selection of designer pieces from renowned fashion houses. From elegant dresses to luxurious handbags, this store is a haven for fashion connoisseurs and collectors.
  4. Antique Attic: Step into Antique Attic and immerse yourself in a world of vintage home decor and furnishings. From vintage furniture to retro household items, this store offers a curated selection of timeless pieces to elevate your living space with a touch of nostalgia.
  5. Thrift Haven: Discover a treasure trove of affordable vintage clothing at Thrift Haven. This thrift store offers a wide range of secondhand garments for every style and budget. Browse racks filled with unique finds and embrace the thrill of the hunt as you uncover hidden fashion gems.
Embrace the allure of vintage fashion in Tbilisi as you explore these remarkable vintage stores. Each destination promises a delightful journey through fashion history, allowing you to express your individuality with one-of-a-kind pieces that transcend trends.