Customer care

  1. To care for silver and gilding, use professional jewelry cosmetics: cleaning products, polishing wipes.
  2. After cleaning, jewelry without stones should be thoroughly rinsed with running water, wiped dry with a napkin.
  3. Jewelry with stones should be cleaned so that the cleaning products does not get on the stone: the consequences of a chemical reaction can permanently spoil the stone.
  4. Jewelry with stones after cleaning should be wiped with a wet cotton pad / stick to remove excess funds. The water should not get on the rocks!
  5. This is especially true for rings with light stones, it is absolutely impossible to wet them.
  6. Do not store silver and gilding together, this causes the metal to oxidize.
  7. Do not carry jewelry in a bag, pocket without a protective bag, box, holder.
  8. Avoid contact of jewelry with water, cosmetics and household chemicals (cream, spray, hairspray, perfumes, etc.) — so they will delight you longer.